PostTag gets you to the right front door, faster

So how many more deliveries could you make each day?

PostTag is a mobile navigation tool that helps drivers get to the right front door, faster.

No more searching for addresses after dark.
No more issues with badly signed properties.
Faster deliveries mean more daily deliveries.

It means less fuel costs.
It means happier customers.
It means better ratings and reviews.
And that all means a better bottom line.

PostTag brings so many benefits to so many businesses and situations

PostTag can be used to pinpoint anything, anywhere. To give you an idea of its different uses, click on any of these links to watch a video:

PostTag makes the postcode
front-door accurate – for the first time

When an online customer is choosing their delivery option they can generate a PostTag that “tags” onto their postcode. It takes a couple of seconds to generate and is very simple. See how it works.

For instance, CM8 3EN becomes CM8 3EN #338

#338 is the PostTag. It works with the postcode to provide accurate geo location and navigation – right to the front door or entrance.

PostTag make your customers happy

Any driver with a smartphone can access precise door-to-door navigation to that address, without searching, overshooting or getting lost.

With PostTag, everybody benefits – from retailers to event organisers, delivery companies, logistic managers, delivery drivers and, best of all, the consumer.

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