Have you looked at how many
“bad addresses” your lookup provider returns every week?

It’s probably more than you’re comfortable with.

Don’t give up on them – just give them to us at PostTag and we’ll find them for you with OnTap.

Throw PostTag OnTap
the addresses your current
lookup provider drops

We’ll validate the
addresses AND give you 
accurate lat/longs

After all, a validated
address is useless if the driver still can’t find it

PostTag OnTap will help you get more parcels to the right front doors than ever before

Even if you’re mid contract with an address lookup provider, we can catch the balls they drop - and you only pay for the ones we find

Pay-as-you-go, no contract, fast response

No integration – at PostTag OnTap we accept your bad addresses in any format  

Realtime address validation - verified, checked and located as valid delivery locations (complete with lat/long)

Powered by PostTag who process over 2 billion address lookups each year with unrivalled accuracy

Immediate implementation, low costs, instant ROI - we charge only for the addresses we find for you

‍Switch on/off as and when needed

Simple pricing – so you know where you stand

5,001 - 20,000
addresses per month

20p per address
successfully verified and validated

Up to 5,000
addresses per month

10p per address
successfully verified and validated

15p per address
successfully verified and validated

We’ll invoice you at the end of each month for the total of addresses successfully found – no find, no fee

20,001 - 50,000
addresses per month

addresses per month

5p per address
successfully verified and validated

“It’s such a simple, genius idea.
Address lookup providers only ever do half the job.
And even then, they throw out far too many bad addresses.
At last I can solve that problem.”

Seb Robert, CEO Gophr

Give us a call and let’s get those bad addresses sorted
0800 0858581
Or Email: info@posttag.com